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Key Strengths

Key Strengths

Professionalism, Innovation and Continuous hard work are the Key Strengths of the team at Pacific Law Firm. Pacific Law Firm is based at the heart of the city and has got its office in state of the art, SAF Corporate Center near High Court Building. The major areas of strength are as follows:

  • Pacific Law Firm has successfully proved its strength in election related complex litigation. There are many reported cases in this regard. We have appeared at all levels including Election Commission of Pakistan, Election Tribunals and at the Superior courts. We have achieved high success rate in election related litigation.

  • The concept of Intellectual property has become increasingly important over the years. Pacific Law Firm has worked with major national and international organizations providing solutions for their Trade Mark Registration, Copy Rights, Patents and litigation related to Intellectual Property.

  • Our expert legal team at criminal side is equipped with in depth knowledge, research and experience of dealing with the cases related to criminal law. The team has regularly been appearing in Courts of Original Jurisdiction, Anti-Terrorist Courts, NAB Courts, Anti-Corruption and Federal Courts. We have taken certain matters up to higher courts as well.

  • We have been providing our expert services to our clients in family matters including appointment of Guardian, Family Suits and other related issues. Over seas Pakistani are our key clients who trust our services.

  • At Pacific Law Firm, we represent our valuable clients during trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations. Our attorneys are capable of handling litigation at all forums, so regardless of what kind of action is involved in your civil litigation matter; a lawyer from our firm will be able to help you. Your attorney will be beside you throughout every step of the process, including: the investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, Applications, Review, Revisions, settlement, and appeal.

  • Environment related laws were introduced in Pakistan in order to make sure the protection, conservation, rehabilitation, and improvement of the Environment: for the control and prevention of pollution and promotion of sustainable development. We offer our services to Industries, Businesses and individuals in this regard. We provide consulting and advisory services, technical report writing and documentation. We have got experience of appearing regularly at different forums including Tribunal, Environment Protection Agency and at higher courts as well.

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Office No. 8, 4th Floor, Saf Center, 8 - Fane Road
          Near High Court, Lahore, Pakistan